Volume One







Its all about the time

your political crime.

You make it your mission

for my discrimination.

My life is your debate

resting on the shoulders of fate


I'm the result of your genocide

the project, your society tries to hide

drowning in the crimson tide”


It was sad to hear about Columbine

but you were quick to blame it on the line

because you lack a spine

to admit you were wrong - you accuse it on a fucking song.


and you want me to become a part of this?

Where your blinded by your own shit.


I'm the result of your genocide

your Corrupted Homicide.

Where being dead and alive - collide

not even being alone will the pain subside”


Made out to be,

Losers, Freaks

Posers, Geeks

When we strike up conversations

you make up acquisitions

I was never apart of the occult

all I did was throw you an insult.

Society is quick to judge and condemn

just when its not them.


Its all about the genocide,

its time to fuck your pride

because in the end we all die

we all lie, we all bleed, we all cry”








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have decided to go through (over time) and update my old poems to reflect their appearance in my new book. None of them were really changed, just corrected spelling mistakes and the like.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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sadpoet's picture

DUDE! this one is KICK ASS! i swear! you are WONDERFUL!

Athalia Lystra's picture

Dare I say many did blame the tragedy on the songs of particular music artists. But rest assured, it is merely our society’s way of saying ‘we’ve found the cause, so let move right along.’ Your line that speaks about their pride is one many of us (most likely) agree with, but don’t have the guts to say. Indeed, a work of art!