1. Trying to decipher

   the complex curves on my palms

   in the morning rays

2. Disappears

   into dust her last


3. A little child

   chases the painted dreams

   on butterfly wings

4. Negotiating'

   the grammar of muscles-

   numbly moves the back

5. Life constricted

   between syllables as terse

   as a haiku

6. Spend our short time

   together after a long

   watching the moon

7. The lone hibiscus

   waits for the sun to bloom:

   morning's first offering

8. The morning fog rests

   on a swathe of pond moss:

   the fish look for sun

9. A few dried leaves

   allergic chill, foggy night

   and... twisted hopes

10. Icy bed:

    moving the pillow

    closer to hers

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