This Day God Has Given Me!!!


This morning, brightly shines,
I love my heavenly Father God,
because HE has made it mine,
mine to have love, peace and joy deep down in my soul,
that is more priceless than gold...
What's so wonderful, HE has given it to you...
So, let's get up and scream and shout with joy and glee, celebrate,
because God has given this day to me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Put any day of the week before morning, and it works for any morning....

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To Us

God wrangled and bartered and finally
relented, letting go of this day,
one more day for us. God looked
at Jesus, and Jesus shook his head,
remembering man and woman, and
child in bewilderment as if he were

God breathed on the sun and the light
of the day ate shadows and spit
out the morning granted us by this
nature He created

This earth and sun, the stars,
the rains, grass, air, water,
and dirt know His name
better than those of us who
greeted the Holy Spirit
at dawn and took
from blessed palms
this day.

Stella L. Crews