To March Or To Have A Movement To End Poverty?

To March Or To Have A Movement To End Poverty?

What will it mean to me, what will it mean to you?

Or to the 37 million Americans who live at or below the level of poverty?

Does it affect you? It absolutely does affect me you see.

I live on the level of poverty.

Dare I ask if our politicians or our leaders really care?

They eat well, have clothes and shoes to ware.

Plus, their bills are paid – the rich have really got it made in the shade.

The distressed middle class are hoping that they can stay the way they are, but let it be known that they are just a few pay checks away from being homeless and living in the streets. They are working hard to keep shoes on their children’s feet.

Decent place to live, and food to eat is often hard for middle class too, but only a dream for us on and below the level of poverty. We live with roaches and rats unlike the wealthy. We have to live and eat what we can it is rather difficult to live and eat healthy with some of the hand outs this brings about obesity when the children have to stay indoors to dodge the bullets from all the guns. Living at and below the level of poverty is not any fun for anyone.

I must confess, when you sit and think about our situation real deep the price that we pay for ignorance, selfishness and greed is really too steep. We all are in a terrible mess. Being governed by those who act like they really care and act like a March or movement would be the way to stop poverty today?

I wonder if our financial will ever be substantial, because basically greed is the seed of us all who live in poverty. It seems the rich folk’s greed have made it forever be, that so many of us live at and below the level of poverty.

It would be remiss for the well-to-do of us openly say that they hardly care; because the poor of us who live at and below the level of poverty are everywhere, and are certainly lazy and just too ignorant the drains on society.

As far as the eyes can see, maybe this affect you, but I can definitely say it truly that it affects me. Education is only part of the key to put an end to so many of us who will march or to have a movement to end poverty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March or Movement will it help to end poverty? I hope so, I have had enough of being poor.

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"The poor will always be with us," Jesus said. Understanding the world and how it works gets us one by one out of the lower rungs of read everything is the key to elevation. I tell my nieces and nephews, now grand nieces and nephews and stand as an example to my only grandson - to read is the key, I tell them. Read on and on and on...Lady A