HIS Blessed Light


Seeking HIS Blessed Light that some cannot see whether being too busy, not have the time to take a look around is not so very hard to do…

HIS Blessed Light can be seen in the dawning of each new day until it is spun, with the setting of the sun’s breath taking orange, pink and yellow glow.

HIS Blessed Light is in the air with the mouth-watering aroma of baking bread, to the sweet smelling pillow where you lay your head.

Also felt in the baby’s nursery as they peacefully dream and sleep.

HIS Blessed Light is in the sparrow singing on its perch, why it is not hard to fine if you search. Sensed in the joy filled tears of the praying mothers who’s prayed for their loved one’s who are now returning from senseless unfounded wars. Some of them are whole, but broken within and those who are damaged now begin to mend.

HIS Blessed Light exists on top of the highest mountains to the deepest depth of the oceans where many forms of life coexists. Seen in the rain forests, rivers teaming with life bringing resource, and the deserts with all the inhabitants who form special ecosystems if course.

You can find HIS Blessed Light everywhere you go, look on the head of a pin. At the tip of a puppy’s wagging tail. It exists in the colors found the rainbow, and on a single grain of sand on any beach. HIS Blessed Light is never out of reach.  

Yes, yes, yes, HIS Blessed Light exists on one drops of rain, a blade of grass so tall, a snowflake’s individuality, I know that it exists most assuredly in all that God has created especially you and me…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Beacons, or His Blessed Light saturated within our lives, and we will see them with our spiritual eyes if and when seek it....  

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Wow kiddo you really ran with the phrase from our IM. This is the best thing you written of all your writings I've seen. It is beautiful,poignant,full of heart and soul,full of love and observation full of recognition of appreciation and thanks to the Lord. Wow I'm really blown away by this .Makes my beacon look like a flashlight....