♡♡♡Positive Love 2017♡♡♡


The last super sensational Saturday of 2016!!!

Is here and almost half way done!!!

Nothing but goodness, and joy for each of us, everyone!!!


By GOD'S amazing grace always is how it shall be, laughter filled with harmony, and so much positive energy!!!

That miraculous love that ensures our true inner wealth spiritually that is absolutely heavenly!!!


2017 is chocked full of even more fantastic day's!!! This is what I know!!! My birth angel told me so, and I had to share this with you to let you know how much I love and cherish your love that you share with me so very perfectly!!!


I thank GOD for blessing me with you, and your positive love; that could only have came from heaven's domain above!!! 


So,  therefore beloved in my heart your positive love shall always remain unconditionally!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today I will only address the positive energy all around me!!! 

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Can't Say Positive Energy Today

I just blasted the U.N. for 5-6 billion U.S.  tax payer dollars we pay annually. We could build drug rehab centers and job training programs with that. The world can be fed, housed, clothed and provided medical care - the rest is overpayments for perks and corruption. Positive - cut the UN budget that is our share in half - then positivity will flow across the land like milk and honey and Heaven (up above) can rejoice with us. - slc



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Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words that encourage me...

So very nice to hear positive comments, positively!!!

Always love unconditionally without reason, and may you give without taking. Abundant Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, Joy, and most of all Faith are yours!!!

Pauletta Ruby Boggs