* Ruined To Be Loved Less :*( *

Broken Heart Poems

;*(              I am ruined and cursed to   be           :*(

                   nothing  speacil to you   .


       your   tears forever haunt me into my sleep


             destined and born with the birthstone

                   to walk this world all alone

  :*(                                                     :*(

      upon my own , I am cursed and mad  at only  a few

           hidding my pain and  tears from everyone

    scared and laughed and disgraced by all that i know

    bitter & ashamed to never again play the love game  

   with  no one to come and  hold and comfront  me close  

     defending  and sheild me for all this   ruckus

      that    i   cant   contain to refrain from  ,

:*(                                                    :*(

     I know it is shame for me to feel this way but

     a rain cloud of misery follow me around every day

  For when you lose all hope to carry on and  be strong

there are no better tomorrows for u to look forward to   .

Orignal Title  * Ruined To Be Love Less  ,    :*(       *

Written BY GT Novemember 27, 2005 ,11:35 Pm Just Depressed .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrore this poem when
I was  Depressed  and Upset we all have this
bad days and nights sometimes it is just good to talk to a good
freind about it  :*( when you feel like this
your freind will help
eAse the pain and misery that is clouding
over you having   your
Happiness back when  u need it believe me i knoW. and if all fails
and you cant find a good freind to talk to
about this pray up to
God about it cause He
Will all ways be there for u no matter what :*)

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

It's funny me reading this after piece I just wrote about aggrivatin with my ex called StillAggrivated,made me realize he never loved me the whole time we were married,he wanted suzie homemaker and mommie figure,in short needed to and still needs to grow up because hes a tempermental child!