* Rotten All The Way Down To The Center Core *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(                I am rotten all the  way            :*(

                   down to the center  core

               meant to be spoiled and ignored

  bite in and  with one  taste , the poison sinks right

  down into the pit of your stomach & kill u instantly ,

not good enough to be picked and washed off and gobbled up

into the bottom of a person stomach strooling thru the park .

      So let the ants come & feast upon my horrible

  juicy outer surface and die for such  a wonderful deadly

  snack that they sacrficed their lives now & forever more.

  * Written By GT , Novemember 25,  2005  2:45 am    :*(    *

  I wrote this poem when I was depressed and going thru :*(  

   a rough time in my life, we all go  thru those sometimes .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Poem is about   a Woman that feels like She is Compared Herself
        to an
Rotten  Apple  Rotting
Away and Poisoned from the people and shut off
from the people of this
earth she feels like she
is not wanted and loved and not cared    about Forgotten About . Have you ever felt that way ?
I  know i have and it suxs when we feel like that Like the world would be better off with
out    living    and breathing on this earth
sad isnt rough to feel
this way but sometimes I
really do and it hurts
more than anyone knows .
she  stays  Depressed Lonely and  Upset Cause There  is        No Happiness for Her   and
there never ever will be

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saiom's picture

there are infinite fragrant orchards
inside every 'mature' apple core
.. as God is inside you
forever more

thank you Gail for all your poems
God bless you