* Alone Again :*( *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(        No one to come and  cheer me up      :*(

      raise my head up when times got rough for her

     Who does a woman run to? when she feels worthless

     full of stress , overweighted , and unapperiated .

   MisGuided and out of place from the best of the rest ,

                  No one to hold me tight and

       chill and watch movies  with  and drift off


  Asleep  into their warm and tender arms of comfront  ,

          I think the  phone line must be dead


          cause it is be a whole life time that

   I have not recieved a telephone call from no  one  ?

   No one to wipe away my tears & timmid  fears that parade

                   and take over my mind

  No one to come and  hug and cuddle me  tight for the words

  I love you , does not  exist when u are not even missed  

  I am all alone again and that is pure heaven to someone

    that wants to be alone. But for the unloved people

   Living  on this earth , & it is pure torture for us

  to believe in hope that never comes to people like us  .

  all alone , crying and panicking that nobody understands

   What  this woman is  going thru ,  as  she   faces

    this  dark and windy storm all alone upon  her own   .

* Written GT , September 24, 2005  About Being Depressed .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you ever feel Not
Loved Not Appericated Not Happy just Depressed
and sinking around it
day by day because u feel like that there is
nothing into this whole
world that can ever make
u happy . true love does not exsist   and nobody cares about You and they never ever will u will always be
Nothing and what is the
use of trying to be Happy when u really dont feel like being Happy even when all guys dont appericate their real women the way that they should and we have to look somewhere else to find the Love that they should had been giving to us in to the first place terrible isnt it

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honey811's picture

I can relate so long ago, but there is a brighter side,
life does get better don't give up hope. Bobbie

myrataal's picture

Dearest Poetess

A poem expressing the sorrow of being lonely and not needed. A sure way to combat this, is to write poems! >:D<
Poetry is just a wonderful way of self-therapy.

Also: write down you most treasured memories when being lonely, and RELIVE it. Nobody can take away your feelings about that which you once enjoyed.

May God bless you and keep you.



allets's picture


We are women. We are entitled to our down hours, we have earned them through the stress of dealing with it all day for a lifetime. I'm 63 and when I "SINK" I have not control over the blues feelings, but I write to purge like you do and that's a great way to deal with Muddy Waters when he shows up. Be well - you are not alone - it's just life lady ~Allets~