;*( Hate you even more :*(

Broken Heart Poems

  :*(        Bleedin & day dreaming               :*(

          getting lost into the stream

             of everlasting griefing

             the meaning of being is

:*(         only grow into a wasted season .        :*(

                  Crying & dieing my

                  wrist bleed cleanse

                  the flustrated fists

                     my stress i

                   tend to appress

                  dissolving into a

                ruin lost & deserted

                desired  soul  to

   :*(         hate you  & dissapear                :*(


  :*(            away from you forever more  .       :*(


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this  poem
when I was Broken
Hearted and Still Totally
Pissed off at
someone that I now
dont want to have Nothing to do with at all even until now .
They are better Off
Gone and Out of my Life
For Good & I mean it .

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this poem is good. it also describes me in so many ways. i've cut so many times and everything just to calm myself down and get it offa my mind but the last time i cut myself it didn't help. of course that's probably because my best friend told me that if i didn't quit he'd quit being my friend and i lose dylan i'll go crazy i'd die if i lost him. i can't even tell him i did cuz he said he didn't care if i just slipped up on accident and cut. so now i have to lie to him about it and i feel so wrong for doing that.

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oppressed? I like the new word appress better though - a good poem assuredly ~Lady A~




Whenever you call

I sink to a new level

of bad ways to

express your voice'

aimed at me. Express



Appreciating your absence

has become a habit

but when you round my

corner and your eyes glisten

like a devil in heat, I

compress my heartbeats

to one per hour until

you leave.


Repression of feelings

is a good thing sometimes.

Apprehension is your

middle, last, and first name

in my lexicon. Appressed.

The world needs this

new word to define how

I feel when you appear.


~Lady A~





I loved your poem and the tude!