Love's Relativity

by Jeph Johnson


Relativity (E=mc² for those who have brains with a capacity greater than mine)


The concept of love, since it is undefinable and different for every person, I propose, may or may not have a finite capacity. But time (at least from our perception) does. And because of that, love is all relative--and I am not talking incest!


In theory (like so many theories), expanding love to several people without it lessening, seems to make sense, but in practice it can be another story completely.


It seems to me to be the most difficult pitfall to polyamorous relations.


I will admit, when I get jealous or feel possessive, it is generally not because my lover(s) is/are doing things with other people insomuch as that my lover(s) is/are taking the time to do things with other people at a time they could be doing things with me!

So divvying up time between lovers can be a make or break ordeal.

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