Bouquet of Bloody Black Roses

Sysperia, and Lotheramos beleived in nothing

But only what they may have seen

Across the world, face the odds

Sysperia, hadn't been very fond of lost love.

Across the world Lotheramos found none other

But Sysperia in her depthless blackening love

Not open to the idea, she found her self with-drawling

The love repenting, and making her unable to speak

Only to speak Lotheramos the one who gave her the words to seek

Her ice blue eyes closed, not wanting to see,

what the supposed 'lord' haven given her

Through her eyes, she could not be reached

So Lotheramos found the way to be in her every dream.

Everynight she wanted to sleep, She dreaded.

The blood black roses he had given her

his love, and everytime she turned him down Lotheramos bleed a little more.

Sysperia speaking again, seeing all the love for its glory

The truth behind Lotheramos was dying

The wedding, already planned.

As he dies, his love was lost.

She was left standing

with a bouquet

of Bloody black roses

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lovely piece

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I love this word play