3 Eyes


Thinking to myself 

my thoughts are so obsurd..maybe even slightly disturbed

please listen to my voice 

as you slowly comprehend my words 

because my energy soars high 

yea I'm astroplaning with the birds 

take you on a trip mentally 

as I clear all lines that's blurred 


day by day I'm constantly seeking 

spiritual realms that leave me drunk with intrigument 

be careful what you believe in

when you swimming off in that deep end 

cuz in your darkest hour 

I swear you can always see the reason 


the reason for the seasons 

and the meaning of this threesome 

mystical knowledge yeah I deepen 

yet and still the church will acuse me for treason 

but forever I stand strong 

cuz this shit is everything I beleive in


eye of Horus 

yea Ive mastered my pineal gland 

probaly why my generation 

my words they cant seem to understand 

For I am greatness and yes you SHALLSEA my plan 

given from no other , the One who commands 

the One who holds the key, respect His upper hand


dumbing it down for no one 

cuz shit, I love who I've become 

as i flaunt my glow of enlightment 

that shines brighter than i very son 

still a child of God 

so never forget whose the real champion 


so please do yourself a huge favor 

and change your perception 

because you sleep in this matrix 

your mind needs correction 

recognize that I am blessing 

sent here to unfold spiritual direction 

understand what I'm saying 

if not,, please don't be afraid to ask questions 


because ignorance, i despise 

im young ,yet I'm wise 

so only a few things I'd advise 

and thats simply to see the truth 

through covered up lies 

once again ,realize 

that to get what I'm saying 

yea it may take a few tries 

cuz see im the exception never the rule 

so bow down n just oblige.......

yeah I'm a beast yes I'm a monster 

can you see my three eyes?!?!


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SSmoothie's picture

GreatGreat write I can see

GreatGreat write I can see the little tongue-in-cheek moments and the real questions veiled undernieth. very clever. I enjoyed this. Cheers ss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

poetic-cosmo's picture

Thanx bunches !!

Lol this was random thoughts I had to vent! So glad u like it but I'm not surprised...our minds are sorta similar 


allets's picture

Thoughtful & Well Said

Enjoyed - refreshing ~Stella~