Shut off the TV around 3am.
I lay in my bed and look, resting my eyes.
Reality fades and I see myself lying on sand, its dark, dry and cold.
The wind starts to pick up and the sand begins to blow.
Realizing in this vivid self reflection my body is more a decaying corpse.
The smell of death and my sin’s linger in the air; the smell so strong I can taste it.
Can I redeem myself and become whole again. Can I free my soul from the abyss?
Or should I pay the price and meet my maker to put a end to this.
Is it crazy or outstanding, what a person’s mind can dream up?
Life to me is like a maze, there are many paths to take.
You pick one and you walk down it.
If you come to a end you walk back and begin again, the only goal is to make it to the end.

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One of my favorite lines from

One of my favorite lines from my teacher is "God looks on sin as a Mother looks on a baby's first halting attempts to walk"
Please know that you are loved... God erases our errors as the tide wipes out footprints on a beach



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God looks on sin

Hi thank you very much for your comment and kind words.
That is a very touching line I see why you love it.
I have been looking for faith for a long time. but for some reason I can not find it. not sure if it's my past or my own doing.
Thanks again