Battle 3

It is time to destroy what cannot be.
It is Time to let existence pass by me.
Time to stop praying and get up off my knees.
Death is the only destiny.
Suicide was once just a thought but now reality.
My eyes were close but now I see, Death riding beside me.
To the battleground we go, who is going to win the war we all know.
Victory comes again for this battle I did win.

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Battle 3

You have too much to give to think of ending your life.
Life is a precious gift from God. We all have our perils, one
kind or anoher. But live, laugh and be happy. Keep writing
your sweet poems. I enjoy them very much. hbw

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Solid piece. Can relate to

Solid piece. Can relate to alot. Keep it up.

P.S. Keep that depression in check or it'll get yah. Many of us know exactly where you're coming from.

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thanks for taking the time to read,
this once an old one from when i was about 16 yr. 28 now. fixed it up . depression ok until i have one too many beer :), so don't drink much anymore