The Enemy

Has my future been determined?

Thine destiny foretold?

Why do I dream of homelessness

and being left in the cold?

Born into the world, I'm coddled and warm.

As an adult I feel lonely, rejected and scorn.


Do I only pray when things don't go my way?

Don't I pray for others safe keeping?

And when they are hurt I am weeping?

Who may weep for me?

Self-pity is no answer it infest the spirit.

Yet, The future is my terrorist!

I completely fear it!


Patricia Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just what I felt in that moment. Alone and afraid.

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Shana Alexander's picture

This poem spoke to me on so many levels. It really had me thinking about my spiritual well-being. The future is only uncertain to those who don't posess a relationship with God, I know this to be true, yet sometimes I , like you, am left jaded. I've been reading this book "The Purpose-driven Life" and it has truly been helpful. I really liked the poem as it has inspired me even more to walk down the path God has chosen for me.