Aware of Regret

The sad regret for which I carry,

Stems from the past and from whom

I married.

My love was pure for this I feel.

Yet, my true self to him I did not reveal.

I’m sorry I showed him someone I’m not,

It was my decision you see, to be someone he wanted me to be.

I did not measure up to the standards he set,

so it’s not just me who is filled with regret.

For when I showed him myself completely,

his heart was not there to meet me.

His mind closed quickly and his heart grew cold.

Now hate and regret is at night what he holds.

Sadness and Truth

Patty Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The past is my teacher.

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jgpepperfarmer's picture

This is a beautiful way to express how much it means to be yourself.

poetvg's picture

beautiful poem .

. Donkerman's picture

Dear Patricia People are wonderful creatures, we grow all the time - and later when ware grown-ups we keep on working on our personalities and souls till the day we die. Sometimes two people marry - and in the later year the one grow the one way, and the other one the opposite way. It is painful, but true. Nothing can be done. Such a sad poem… Regards Donkerman