Wishful Thinking

Welcome to a fantasy! Pack your bags! Come live!

It's where all evil turns to good and the rich love to give!


Where people share and discuss books they've been reading,

and all small-minded people are positive thinking.

A place where all the hungry are fully fed.

and all the homeless are home in bed.

A place where peace for mankind is a pledge we've all signed

and bullets for guns no one can find.

Where doctors and lawyers are free.

Politicians are truthful, and all people at 100 still look youthful.

Where people are social and so nice to meet and if you've had a hard day they'll offer to give you their seat.  

Where no one wears fur.

We never eat meat and the water we drink

and the air we breathe is a clean fresh treat.

Where sports heroes here all play for fun,

and taxes in my world? "HELL" there is none!

Where people work at love and love to work,

and no matter how long you've been married

they won't drive you bizzurk.

Where getting high here is climbing a mountain,

Yet, there is champaign in every fountain.

(21 and over only)

Where the thought of war, pain or disease is totally absurd.

The words aids or cancer have never been heard!

A place where teaching our children is the most beautiful gift we share, no question of our love, because it's always there!

Where there's never a worry as to what sexual orintation, race or religion you are because, we're all beautiful,unique, bright shining stars.

Where we are one in hopes and fears,laugher and tears.

A warm caring place we're all greeted with a big smile a glance.

Founded on the his words and his wisdom "Give peace a chance".



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Some may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one". (John Lennon)
Peace & Love

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April Welch's picture

.........sounds like a nice place to live

johnlvs2run's picture

Hi Patty "Objective Perspective" makes me smile and smile. You show we can have this world, at least in our dreams. And your poem brings them all much closer to reality. I hope these dreams will all one day come true. And your poem shows me that they will. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem. 5 stars! ***** :) John