Why do I feel others pain and stress?

Is God putting me through some selfless test?

Why do I see the fate of some and all they squander?

It comsumes my thoughts I pray, worry and ponder.

Why do I see most, what they should hold dearly?

Then watch them deny what they should see clearly?

Why do I see colors in people to be dark and deep,

Although happy in appearence inside they weep?

Why do I know truly the secrets they hold

when all truth in their eyes show all truth to be told?

Why do they think there past sins seal their fate?

When believing in yourself is the key to fates gate.

Why do they sell their soul for temporary affection?

When they should save up for affection in their own


Why do they run from their issues at hand?

When they should openly welcome the gifts of God's

greater plan.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you have to lose everything to get anything. I began to see , really see all people. It's incredible!!

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poetvg's picture

awesome piece

Reco Humphrey's picture

great poem. although I don't get the( why do they sell themselves for temporary affection When they should save up for affection in there own reflection) Please explain this to me.

Ali Saad's picture

Deep and wise, Patty! This a great piece that I enjoyed reading. Ali