Waiting to Forget


Can you fold love like
so many linens
and store it till your
heart has learned
to fly again?


Will broken wings
one day remember the
burning, diamond sea
that gave them birth

before the rebellion,
before the fall,
on the day I first believed
in candlelit Autumns
that never turn to snow.


Origami clouds, folded, unfolded . . .
dreamscapes turned inside out
and shaped into albino replicas
of living things;

easy to watch,
easy to understand,
a sky so pure it washes sin
like some new Messiah.


But I still can't fly
and you still have something
that belongs to me.


You left the bones of trees
rattling in the wind
and they are quickly
losing faith
in Resurrection.


I lie down and strain to
read the sky,
and at the edge of the page
is one cloud,

changing and changeless,
and lost
at the bottom
of blue.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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allets's picture

"candlelit Autumns" and "Origami clouds" Batman!

This is some of your finest imagery...weighted perfection, emotional nectar. Big like. ...a


              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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Just saw this comment in the

Just saw this comment in the actifity list, so I wanted to come right over to read the poem.  And yes, I agree with what you said, that this poem presents some of her finest imagery.  But, her greatness is so vast across her poetic cosmos, that, at least for me as a reader, I have difficulty in determine a favorite.  Choosing a favorite poem among Patricia's colection is like favoring one particular star over another; the star field is too vast and too beautiful for that, and so is her poem field.  Her poetry is the closest to astronomy and cosmology that I have ever seen in any poet (and, as a reader, I place her with Stevens, Eliot, and Vergil).  We, and pospoems, are very fortunate---not only to have her among us, but to be able to watch her greatness resonate throughout all of her poems.


[* /+/ ^]

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Thank you for making my day

Thank you for making my day with such an exquisite comment. I value your opinion, dear poet. 

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Starward:  thank you kindly

Starward:  thank you kindly for your unwavering support. 

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everything you write is

everything you write is magnificent



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I owe you a huge apology,

I owe you a huge apology, dear friend. I'm nine years late in thanking you for reading and replying. 2011 was a crazy year for me. I'm surprised I had time to write and post this.