Into the Silence

The night sky

could almost kill me

with its weight of

of blindness and


so much time and 

space and 

erupting stillness

falling to a

world never ready

for real secrets,


each star an epoch

encased in 

crackling ice,

each an ancient death

too beautiful

to interpret—

one way to be immortal. 


I must have been born

a thousand times

in whirling moments

stranded in that

wild and hissing



and still, some say

this is all 

there is . . . 

such captivity

to live in only

what can be seen. 


The ant on his planet

of mountains and monsters

believes this is the world.

Also the fish in his 

glassy dream.

Also the private cyclone

of the hummingbird—

in its frantic galaxy 

it has only

the color of sweetness

to live for.

Also humanity,

believing we are 

these bodies we 

explore in,


so convinced this

magnificent and 

terrifying cage around us

is all we can touch

and good enough. 


So where is this vastness,

not beyond,

but within,

and everything . . .

and so much more

than we ever imagined?


Just a turn of 

a thought,

a silk thread

of a prayer,

a dusting of something

once believed

and forgotten,


and here it is:

the door, the silence,

the Light, the bliss,


God's hand.


Walk through 

and greet

the universe you are.


Patricia Joan Jones



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Relativity As A Theme


when all the suns die

and the universe goes quiet

and dark, light will own

no gravity well and some

new temporal timpany

will evolve.




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What an amazing answer to my

What an amazing answer to my ruminations! A gorgeous and spontaneous poem. Thank you for your feedback. 

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she slid into the silence of

she slid into the silence
of solitude
to remember the one she once knew

ron parrish

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Some beautiful wordcrafting,

Some beautiful wordcrafting, dear poet. Thank you for stopping by. 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome,,working on a

you`re welcome,,working on a poem

ron parrish

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That glimmer of eloquence

That glimmer of eloquence could stand alone as a fine work. Looking forward to reading more if you decide to expand it. 

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shed a tear half way and

shed a tear half way and couldn't finish. Can't afford to cry right now

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Thank you for stopping by and

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a moving comment. 

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I wish everyone would feel

I wish everyone would feel life and living like you do. Whata wonderous time we would all have simply absorbing the simple gift of being. This is the antidote for madness, the cure for so many "problems"...peace. I meditate on your words, and joy fills my heart. Thank you, Patricia, for being that still small voice.

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I can't tell you how much I

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your validation of my purpose and for being open to the Truth of who we really are. You're so right about the world being in desperate need of inner peace, but it's heartening to know some people such as yourself are awakening and spreading uplifting energy, as you've done for me many times. Gratitude and blessings. 

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I sit in wonder, amazed at

I sit in wonder, amazed at the beauty, and insight of your writing. Another treasure to be book marked, another lesson learned, and another smile born of your talent. Thank you for posting. 

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I'm so uplifted and honored

I'm so uplifted and honored by your eloquent feedback. My deepest gratitude. 

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beautiful! Freedom inspiring

beautiful! Freedom inspiring other dimensional, raising conciousness and awareness. I thoroughly resinated and enjoyed the artistry and concept of this poem! Excellent! Best blessings SS x

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Thank you! Your insightful

Thank you! Your insightful and inspiring comments mean so much. You made my day. 

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and we are part of that

and we are part of that universe,his creation

the night sky is a t v screen,we are part of it but most don`t know

ron parrish

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A very profound and

A very profound and enlightened observation. I love the way you expressed this Truth. 

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish

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You are like an astronomer,

You are like an astronomer, focusing the wide end of the telescope's barrel, which then brings the vision of the cosmos to the very personal eyepiece of the lens---the way this poem proceeds from the cosmic to the very personal conclusion.  Image after image lift the reader to this peak on which you, the Poet, having already arrive, tell the reader, "All this is also yours." 

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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Thank you for completely

Thank you for completely grasping my intent and for such beautiful insights. Deeply appreciate it.