he cloaks himself in revolutionary style
his iron fist he waves victoriously about
he is a big squid in his mind
but unknowingly ruling a small inlet now
that once was a grand harbor
he offers to his dominions
some remembrance of former pride
and past
little more though do they know
for their eyes are forced to see
only state run media ads
that it is just delusions of grandeur
the world is a far different place
and so terribly more interconnected
so rogue countries
with thugs at their helm
fair darker in the aftermath
peering out upon the world
with a diminished view
limits one's ability to be
broad minded and see
the broader picture of
every country's place in the world
not just your own
a global world gradually destroys
the selfish desires of
'Such A Son Of War' mentality
scoot over Kim Jong Un
you have a cell mate now
the self proclaimed Czar
by his former KGB henchmen/cronies
Vladimir Putin............
(Aug. 1, 2014 1206pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How Putin is defying the world and being sanctioned for his heavy handed tactics that are causing quite a ruckus in the already struggling Ukraine.

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a.griffiths57's picture

    Liked your poem very



Liked your poem very much, and just loved the global awareness theme. Your poem caught my attention and interest as I read through it, a good read and very well written.

Although personally I think the Ukrainian people just want to settle down including their Crimea region and hold a referendum with or against Ukraine. After that it would be a matter of tolerating majority and minority politic inside their own country Ukraine. 

palewingedpoetess's picture

thank you so much a.griff............

I like to keep up on my current events and many times after watching so many various news items on a particular subject my voice and opinions get the better of me and a poem spills out. Being of a democratic country we as a free nation always want to see others get the right to express their wishes of their country and government without a former communist influencer trying to horn his way back in and dictate to the people what goes where and who gets what. As always, I enjoy your comments. Sincerely, Melissa