the grandfathers argued offensively
while sitting about 'The Side Porch War Room'

like who commanded a better battalion of

courageous men
who maneuvered best during the black outs
what anthem spoke clearest to the
serving soldier's heart
there were many testimonies and
allegiances pledged
needs countered and needs met
many persuasive measures were taken
and the elderly men upheld their dignity
as best as they still could
while speaking in hushed respect of those
they had to leave behind
who'd paid the ultimate price they felt all too

guiltily for them
I was proud to serve these elite gentlemen their

lemonade and apple pie
and hear stories about the Battle of The Bulge
The tip of Patton's spear
and the bombing night raids the Brits endured
service filled with men just doing their jobs
they were trained to do
unknowingly gathering glory as they marched
through the hell fields that became the European theater
and tottered well into their dotage straight into the world's
history books
I so admired these oh so very fragile wonderfully humbled men
for when they gathered amongst themselves to retell their
stories of sacrifice
they became young again
as I looked at their faded service photos
I knew with that man in that particular photo I could have
all too easily fallen in love with him
oh indeed every last one of them
as I cast my mind back to my late teenage years
I recollect the deep abiding blessing God bestowed upon me
just to be a silly green girl
helping out the nurse at a local retirement home to serve
refreshments each Sunday afternoon to such a fine
assortment of strong, brave and unforgettable men
I'd like to believe these memories of mine allow those brave men

to live on via these lines I've given to the world all about them.................
(Feb 6, 2014 1101am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my memories as a teenager volunteering out at the Willows Nursing home.

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I liked this reading,

I liked this reading, Melissa. A fine way to honor those spirits, I think. :)

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Again thank you healing woman ............

Someone reminded me of elderly care homes and I got to thinking about my childhood and the people I use to meet in those homes all those years ago and how they touched my young heart and memories and that one particular Sunday afternoon regular waitress like volunteer job I had for one particular summer came to my mind and so my poetic adult self thought maybe I can pay tribute to those glorious gentlemen who served our country so well. I guess you could say I contributed my ownl verse to add the pile of tributes to the greatest generation. Sincerely, M.