in but a moment's reflection

illusion cleared

then a calm slowing reverence

gradually appeared

circumspection drew her

cursory conclusions that

an easily smitten man

is a man charmed

ever deepening conversation

dove through layers

of prior stranger hood

in but the span of a draft of

mere hours

I encountered an alike mind

but felt I had made a friend

and yet behind my co conspirator's

own drapery of presented self

I felt a lover sizzled and seared

perception is a prism of angled views

after all

through one side, the sphere is green

with prosperity

while through another it is red with

indescribable malady

all pleated whimsy of glad fortunes 

awaiting to be better implemented............

(Dec 22, 2013 141am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

had a wonderful conversation about poetry, the life and libation of knowledge, in chat last night with a pharmacist/poet and this poem gurgled outward and up from there. So thanks V............

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Great words!

Great words!

palewingedpoetess's picture

thank you e.p.

I am glad you liked them. Meade as you know for a poet's absorbing soul. Sincerely, M.