'Jagged Wilderness'
lying blind
reservoir earache
echoes abound
tiny forest creatures
busily scampering from
their thicket like beds
oblivious observers
nose blind to the danger
landscape bursting with purity
gobbled up at any moment
as they forage to find their
own meal
an honest but necessary stain
on such natural beauty
that lures
my unexpected tears
only brightened the view...........
(Nov. 28, 2015 811am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was watching one of those lovely nature documentaries and I should have known in such peaceful a scene the tapers of such beauty would have to leave in an unexpected moment when one animal sneaks up on another and quickly devours him. That was what brought tears to my eyes. I know its nature being nature. Animals feast on each other to survive but still that doesn't mean I wish to be a forced witness to it.

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