give me a clean heart
grant me an unpolluted mind
to think clearly with
provide for me good judgment
in critical times
open to me and the world
even the love channels in myself
that I am yet fully aware of
speak tirelessly to my soul
and raise my spirit's voice
loud enough so that I can hear
without any ambiguity
towards what it is I should do
hand me not words with no wisdom
calm grace with no empathy
I am an imperfect mortal vessel
graffittied with the ways of the world
I am yours Lord
I stand fearless of this chaotic earth school
for that is all it is
I realize that now
for none of its senseless violence and mayhem
can harm or impede my journey
only I can do that
and so I have written to you this plea for
'Sincere Assistance'
joy washes me clean
with the tears of my slowly devoured awareness........
(Nov. 23, 2015 812am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've been re reading Gary Zukav's book, 'The Seat Of The Soul' and I've been thus inspired.

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