such tragically abhorrent behaviors
precious souls are lost
to their defiant personalities
violence becomes stirred
twisted reality takes root
in the subsequent bedrock
of unbalance
terrorists are pebbles
pommeled in a cyclone
brutally transformed
from their once formerly
lovely pebbled selves
into vile and no longer
recognizable avalanches
of hate, intolerance and
one pebble tumbling off
a cliff
little if any damage will
compound that pebble though
with a hundred thousand other
jagged pebbles of varying sizes
and the foot of such mountain
unloaded becomes a death trap
for most
Paris and her attackers
bring such profound sadness
to the heart
while steeling the mind with
ever stronger resolve
though such gruesome events
shatter one's sense of safety
in this world
but only if we individually allow
them to
that is when we must rely on
our very own soul's wisdom
even more steadfastly
EVERYTHING is in the hands of
our timeless ever loving GOD
what we are witnessing
are vast seas of souls working to
heal each their spiritual wounds unseen
all their own
even as ungodly as that may read
for it's so very easy to just look at things
with our all too limited human eyes
but we must attempt to rise above
the world is
as it ever was
chaotic, beautiful, complex and
just as kind as it can be harsh
the only things that have changed
are the immediacy of our information
received, its accuracy and our own
varying perceptions of it
Europe, the US, Canada along side Australia
along side China and the Philippines were
victorious in the second world war
millions of lives were affected and hundreds
of thousands lost or gravely altered
but the world survived
good defeated evil and humanity evolved
the news today focuses on people ignorantly
and angrily blowing themselves up and killing
yet a far greater human tragedy looms insidious
if mankind does not sooner stand up
to wear bigger shoes
with all the man made reasons for climate change
there won't be a world here for any of us to defend
or otherwise
again it comes down to perception
which is worse a few confused males
killing themselves
along side a few unsuspecting others under the
twisted guise of some hijacked and overly
Jihaded up religion that really is not the religion
it claims to be as it goes against dozens
of the real religions most basic tenets
or the whole entire human population refusing to
collectively do what is necessary to save the planet
for future generations
and prevent them from having to suffer and die from
such lacking will to make the harder choices
so to change the needed action to guarantee we have
an earthly home to be born to for many a millennium to
(Nov. 20, 2015 1101am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the attacks on Paris at 920pm local Paris time November 13, 2015. It took a good while for me to take all that in and process it and look at it from the broadest perspective. It was only then that I was able to sit down and truly reflect on that grave matter.

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It Is Overwhelming

a lot to take in. yet war taken to innocents in the Middle East is reflected in Paris. Answer for crimes we define as for peace - and there is merit, but control and supervision is what the war torn fanatic mentalities are rebelling against; they want freedom to spread Islam violently. Now they are The Caliphate, we have a list of organizations to fight, we are simply infidels. It will be a while before the world calms down, more will die, those guilty of murder and  the totally innocent. France will not forget, nor will her allies. A cause for saddness to escalate bombing. Yr poempal, Stella