Oh India!

India – A land of mystery? A land of diversity? A myriad?

OfCourse! With culture and values deep into us

“You can take us out of India, but not India out of us!”

Passionate for, Patriotic, Chauvinist even,

We truly believe in “Of our India; ..; For our India”


Feel for India, as we do, nothing excites us more

Than imparting knowledge and machaowing our “Shor”

Giving advice and trying to “make a dent” in someone’s life is a delicacy

Something which is better than getting free shudh desi ghee!


With a Chaiwala saying do this, and a Paanwaala saying do that,

Growing up in India, And having a non-influenced thought? Oh. My. God.

A product of everyone’s wisdom, perception and knowledge, we are –

Yep. Prepared for the mean cruel world? You bet we are!


But, in Mumbai, it’s not just India! With a smaller world, it is a “bhandar” of Information

Curse you, Globalization!

We had uncles and aunties

With children in IITs or MITs

Giving us counsel, knowledge and advice

Now we have additional uncles and aunties!


Oh, and the internet!

With a progress in technology, internet is becoming faster!

Why, oh why, couldn’t this happen when I was the “Knowledge Master”?

Create jobs it did, create oppourtunities it did

But what about the confusion that it caused, this World Wide Web?


Ah! A curse and a blessing it sure is!

Curse you’ve seen, see the blessing now

At once, we were one!

“Avatar” in a subsidized form? Maybe

New ways to advertise, market, inform or educate

The internet presented an array of oppourtunities


Well, the glass is always completely full, is it not?

(Science sure does mock Psychology)

Internet can be used to teach!

It can be used to preach!

Internet can be used to increase awareness,

Express oneself!

Just convert it to Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil

And Boom! Resonate in history, you shall, and will!


We are a world that lags

A world that is 5, maybe 10 years behind

But we have the best of everything!

While the west searches, again, for their humanity

We here never lost it!

And while we search for our technology,

The west, well they started it.

Combine the two, and now you have just invented the wheel!

Just how the wheel was a revolution,

So is the marriage of Technology and Humanitarianism!

(We don’t want something like the terminator, do we?)


Born in a place, where being a good person was

As important as being academically sound;

Where, uncles and aunties would tell their (highly exaggerated) life stories

In the hope, that we be moved;

Where “bhaichara” is a necessity

And you can never get completely lost;

Where someone can get food anytime and anywhere

Because that’s how much we love food;

Where everything takes just too minutes and the distance is measured in time;

Where no one feels unloved, unheard or unimportant;

I, have these values so embedded in my bones, my flesh, even my temporary phlegm!

That no “brain wash”, amnesia or even death can separate me from them


Influenced by India,

And the world alike;

With dreams and ambitions of my own;

Touched by seeing the poor

Frustrated by seeing the passing oppourtunities

And exasperated by seeing the slow pace of growth,

Using technology for humanity

That I, now, do not know

But, know do I this

Inspired, moved and focused,

Someday, someday, lead this revolution I will,


Change the world I will!

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Welcome to Postpoems Dear Incredible Indian

Welcome to Postpoems Dear Incredible Indian..... You have the blessings of the Indian Martyrs then & now.Do not yield to enticements.You must succeed my Dear Palasha you are the Hope of Tomorrow.India is great but Indians are the greatest.Why only India? Why not the world? Eyes,ears open.. mouth shut you'll learn much Dear Palasha far beyond the wonders of Science and Literature.My humblest blessings are with you all the way.



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it's PalashA

Hi Bishu! 

Thanks a lot! 

BTW. It's not palasha. It's actually PalashA. The capitalization did not carry through. :/

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What difference does it make Mr Palash Agarwal

What difference does it make Mr Palash Agarwal.Did you know Lewis Caroll(Alice in Wonderland fame) was in fact Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who was a Mathematician.So much for now Palash. Keep going.Bye.



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Wow wow and wow!! this is

Wow wow and wow!! this is amazingly written.. one can't write this without having an ocean of knowledge in his heart.. each adn every word is true.. and your poem flaws so amazingly.. it reminds me of bishu ji's writting style.. (a poet on this site)

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Thank You!

Thank You so much!! :)

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Wecome to post poems. Viva India! Viva votre revolution! - A revolution of words from you to us ~Allets~