We all think life is hard


We all think life is hard

We all get up most morning

Thinking and saying we don’t

How longer our bodies can go on

Then we start to look around and see hey

There’s a lot people

Going  through a lot

Worse stuff then I’ll ever be.

One of my uncle’s buddies

Loss his  youngest son

When he brother missed

School bus. They tried go inside

The house but nobody was home.

They got  cold  

And  decided to but A fire and it blew up in their faces

One passed out The other caught fire

And was running up and the road trying

To put the fire out time they got the

Hospital they help him

But he later died that.

Everybody like to think

They know how the parents

Feel but nobody will truly

Know until they loose a child

Of their own. When  god takes a

Child he takes a big piece of

The parents too may god be with them all

And may a huge blessing

Come from horrible


Jan 29th 2009

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow lory dear... your wrote this poem in a very impressive way... liked it much and kept in record and I will see your more poems too... I am poet of 6 books in hand and member of postpoems and hope you go through my poems and comment and your comments will be added with regard in my comming book...respect you and hope you be in touch...god bless you... yours afzal shauq