Drugs II

poetry of 2005

Drugs II

Drugs II

D is for how disturbed

Your mind gets you

Can focus on anything

R is for the repeated

Abuse of drug use

And you don’t know

Why? Or how

You starting

Using drugs

But it seems like

Something you’ll never be

Able to let go of.

The U is for under the

Influence of drugs.

Because you don’t

even realize what

You’re doing when you’re under the

Influence of drugs or how much you

Hurt those you love!

G is how groggy you feel

When your brain feels the effects of the high

And everything looks hazy through your eyes like

you’re in a days! S is for the sense

piece of mind you feel when you get your fix to get

you through the day and night. That’s what a day

in the life of drugs is to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the is about what a day in life of drugs is to me
wrote june 2nd 2005

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Lloyd Wagoner's picture

what kind of drug are you talking about my friend? all drugs are different...but i have to mention, that many people consider me a heavy drug user, and i am nothing like any of these stereotypes...if anything im sort of hurt by them. ah but its no huge deal, i have to say, thanks to DARE and above the influence.com i see this sort of thing all the time...not that i want you to do any drugs necessarily, but just to...be more open. thats all. feel free to tell me to fuck off though...