I never thought I’d feel this

I never thought I’d feel this

feel this good

The other day as I

Wrote those words

About the pain I

Was feeling inside.

It seemed as it

Would forever

Stay no matter

What I did

To try erase the

Pain. It seems to get

Stronger. So I said to myself

Okay let’s see if I

Can write the pain

Away it’s not like it will work

Anyway.  The more I

Wrote the more it

Seem to vanish

From brain.

March 10th 2007

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Essence Scott's picture

i like this....i try to get rid of it all by writing too, and sometimes it works, and oher times it vanishes directly, it all depends on the person (i think) and the amount of pain one carries on their back, but this is otherwise good

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Hey Lory! How's your day going so far? (^_^)

I can understand too. I write to express things that I can't express to anyone at all. I just take a pen and some paper and start writing hoping that what I feel would carry over...