I Haven't the Time to Stop the Watch From Burning

~I Haven't the Time to Stop the Watch From Burning~


I saw it in a dream;
the cheap, battery-operated watch
with the band removed I carried
in my pocket for several years
until the battery finally died.


I didn't put it in the fire,
nor did I build the flame
out of small bits of paper trash.

It was all just there in my dream.


Watch and fire
together like cheaters caught,
but indifferent to my discovery,

time and flame, then smoke.


We all die like cheap watches
and batteries and the goddamn
Chinese who make them.


D. B. Tompsett

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gorgeous as usual....and

gorgeous as usual....and affecting.....I cringed at the ethnic slur....but I can see how it adds flavour that would be absent, absent the curse.

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Manufacturing Time

It used to be "Made In Japan" it never go to be "Made in Russia" but I have seen "Made In Vietnam". Pick a country, eventually our jobs in manufacturing will get to be theirs. But I keep seeing surrealist time pieces melted and hanging in a Dali Gallery at the Chicago Inst. of Arts - Lady A