*Letting Thee Know*

James Wise


You know about my past,


and all there is to know about me.


You know how I feel,


and how seemingly I need to see thee.


You know my dreams,


and know how they just might be.


But can thee really see me?




My heart likes thee,


and cries to know thee.


My heart loves thee,


and settles down its beat.


My heart wants thee,


and hope to love thee forever.


But can my heart bare to see thee go?




No, I can't!!




By letting thee know how I feel,


hopes that thee returns lovingly to me.


By letting thee know what I see in thee,


hopes to work out the reality into a future sea.


By letting thee know my words,


to thee, I say, “ I LOVE THEE &






Return safe and I shall be happy to hear thee.


Don't let me be alone to see another;


to thee, I am for, and I will let thee see the real me,


instead of saying “Good-bye” to thee.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jimmy'.

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i like this
poem :*) .