"The Feeling Of Entering Class"



As you enter each class,
suddenly feeling like stained glass.
You walk in all new,
as eyes tend to look upon you.
Their stare-glowed eyes,
look towards you,
then tends to have shook,
the glass inside of you.
As you walk towards a chair,
an ugly feeling becomes aware.
Their eyes so tuned to you,
like you were glue,
stuck on shoe.
You pick a place to sit,
the person next to you,
looks with a glommed look.
Pulling out the materials,
hoping a plea of sanity,
would be set free.
Teacher walks in,
introduces the class,
then begins to settle the work.
As class begins,
you hope to assume,
everyone will know you,
for just being you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Me'.

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nice work .