Don't Forget Me

James Wise


I know your scared,


for another chance,


to love someone again,


but don't you think,


it's worth seizing,


before you go away.




I'm not much,


how I feel,


hard to explain,


but respectfully,


I understand.




Are you aware,


when our lips met,


eyes meaning fully,


hands held tight,


& us close together,


was really true.




My heart asks,


on one starry night,


to be with you,


so memories,


take their place,


inside of my heart.




But I only ask,


a small favor,


“Don't Forget Me!”,


for I will never,


forget you,


so take care,


& until next time,


we meet again.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jimmy'.

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i know jimmys :*)
proud of your work.