Confession To Hell


You're better off left lying there,

Black, cold stare, no one cares

Who would think that it's the end?

The last few moments, without a friend

Though no one can say that they're surprised

Etched in your eyes, all your hate and despise

You left them bleeding, wounded, dead

Locked in their sorrows and drowning in red

And It hurts to say that I've survived,

Because I feel like I've died, screaming inside

So I will turn and walk away,

Though I feel no love when your screaming in pain

And feel all your hate pour out from disguise

Spew out in red in proxy of your lies

Confess all your sins, say one last farewell,

Because for all of your hatred, you'll be confessing to hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who they are, the people that, in the cruelest form, twist and turn a friend or loved one, hurting them beyond repair. Or perhaps, you've been the victim of the scarring event. This has, sadly, just happened to me. The person who made me into something I'm not. And someone I've never wanted to be. Going to be tested for heart problems (again) and bi polar depression on Thursday. I'm fourteen, why is my life like this now?

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