Love Shaded Black


No hour darker in my life, nor time without less faith


No second greater filled with loss than what you laid to waste


My heart, my hopes, my dreams, my soul, no promise left undone


Your words mean nothing, less than that, how red my arms have run


Blistered pains from smoothest tongue, your words were un-foretold


And now with laughs that break my heart, my words were left so cold


Had I known I'd felt for you, the sooner I would say


But now my love is good as gone, you love her anyway

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the way I'm feeling now. Hating highschool, alone, misterable all the time, too many problems, and let's add this onto my ever growing list. Hopelessly in love with someone who might never realize or never love me as much. It's true love, does he realize? Perhaps... Oh, I tell him all the time how much I love him, but will he ever hear the poetry behind the words I say? I hug him all day and nght, talk to him every night (until I pass out) But does he understand that this is so much more than forever? No, probably not. Is there hope?

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