Raining Memory

As I look to the sky and feel the small rain

Washing away all the stress and the pain

I remember the year, and the day that you left

The times that I cried, the waste of that breath

You were not who I was, and not who I am

I was the lion and you were the lamb

The summer and winter, my fire, your ice

You were the farthest person from nice

And as much as I want rain to wash you away

I know you will be there until the last of my days

A pain, a hardship, a hole, and a hate

Nothing a band aid can cure without fate

Listen, and hear me, speak and be heard

I still can remember your final words

We're opposites, not click-able and certainly not friends

But that still doesn't wash away all the pain that it sends

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend that caused me so much pain. I hope that she is happy now, because she never seemed she was with me.

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Laura Maguire's picture

I like this very much. It's very fast-paced when I read it - like you had to get it all out and the rhyme doesn't seem forced.

Kudos on your love of Anime also! I've not got into Naruto yet - but my brother keeps moaning about how I should get into it. One day I will. One of my mates was given a Naruto headband thing one night we were out in the oub. She was well chuffed; I think it's pretty cool but it obviously means a lot more to fans, heh. I'm going to watch the last episode of Full Metal Alchemist soon! I'm probably going to be crying even more this episode. And then the film. And then I shall purchase the Manga whenever I find money, haha. If you haven't watchd any FMA, I strongly suggest you do. Anyways, I genuinely wanted just to say I liked this poem but I was interested as to what age you are, so read the bio. Your poetry reminds me of mine in a way - in the sense that from reading some you just write and write. AM I right? Like, it flows right out your head onto the paper and you don't have to think about it. Well, that's the impression I've got. My wee cousin has ADHD and it's really hard for him. I think it's great you have an outlet like poetry though - I'd feel strange if I couldn't vent day to day jazz in written form! haha. Anyways, I'm ranting, and this is thelongest comment I have ever left on a poem. Laura