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I've heard it said so many times,

"Now she's an angel in Heaven."

But that is not the plan of things

That in God's Word is given.

No matter what we're told or think,

The two will never merge.

Angels are angels and men are men,

E'en after the funeral dirge.

Angels are not sweet hovering souls

Who're just like us--with wings.

Angels are warriors, messengers, yes!

Strong and powerful beings!

I wouldn't want some sissified angel,

Like the pics I see each day,

To be the help God sent to me

As answer when I pray.

Next time you hear somebody say,

The deceased is an angel now.

You don't have to say it, remember,

As head you sadly bow.

We all have grief and trouble enough

To keep us busy each day.

But angels we're not, and will never be,

When Heaven we go to stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just had to write this.  People have gone crazy over angels....little doll-like sissy angels.  The ones I read about in the Bible were warriors and strong and had power that we can't even comprehend.  It's ok to like angels, and I'm not kicking at that, but sometimes we all need a reminder.  Yes, including me.

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poetvg's picture

i love this poem

Ernest Bevans's picture

HAHAHAHAHA - Jesica, you keep outdoing yourself!
Remember that angel that killed 200,000 of Sennacherib army when the military force came up against King Hezekiah of Judah - well I wonder if that was a cute little effeminate addonis? Good Work!

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Dear Ms. Martin, you have hit it on the head again! I was asked to write a condolence poem for a family that lost an little in the morning of a day, and then had a new baby-boy born that same afternoon. I represented the one as a departed angel, after , and the other as a living child, surrendered to this earth by the angels, as they sent the newborn down to us on earth, and received the little into heaven, unto the Lord. My work was unfinished until I read this piece by you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. T. R. Patton

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