All I really need is Jesus

My emotions are all out of whack

I can't seem to find,

My way back

To my first Love

Who reigns above…

All these desires

Burning inside

I try to believe

And confide...

that the Lord will provide

I need Him to guide me

Down this trodden path

To keep me from

Suffering God's wrath…

Impatient and refused

Of the one thing I crave

A husband; a family

Before I reach the grave

Someday You say,

You promise me a mate

But today is not the date…

For You have chosen the appointed time

And Your will is always flawless

While mine leaves a gruesome mess…

And You're so understanding

When I whine

You never fail to hear

When I'm dying to be near him…

The one that I adore

And when I focus just a little more

On the beauty of his face

My reason escapes

Through the door

And suddenly my faith has been misplaced…

Oh why must I get so caught up

In the disadvantages of being alone

With the gift of singleness overthrown

When I fail to see

The awesome ways You protect me…

And the one desired prize…

the fulfillment that You alone can improvise

If I'd only look towards the cross

And gaze into Your eyes…

I'd realize…

That in the end, nothing will exceed

The fact that You are all I really need…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really have a strong desire to get married someday... but must learn that Jesus is sufficient for me...

1 Corinthians 7:34

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Sara Shields's picture

This is beatiful. I did the same thing, Told God OK il wait, months later he gave me my wonderful husband who I know write bout being in total love with. Keep your focus and God will honor you and give you your hearts desire.