in the box

Here in the box I sit I am no longer part of the world

The walls block my view of the demons, so I cannot be afraid.

I feel protected in this little space of mine

No one else can enter

I can be anything I choose

Say anything I wish to speak

Laugh or cry whenever I wish

At whatever strikes the mood

I feel happy and safe that no one can hurt me anymore

Now that I am in the box

No matter what they say or do I will not be affected by it

Because they cannot see me

If they wanted to see me they could look inside

But no one ever really bothers

I am not worth their time, and I never will be.

I am not as happy as I used to be.

No one ever looks in my box to see me anymore

I really wish they would

But they don’t.

It's getting really lonely now...

The light from the opening is getting rather annoying

So I closed the lid. The hole where my light shone through is gone

I am now in absolute darkness. If anyone wanted to see in my box, they can’t now

Because now I won’t let them

The lid will stay shut forever unless I find someone anxious enough to look

My box is totally dark now, and I no longer hear life outside.

The lid completely shut everything out. My emotions, my motivation, my life

All I ever do now is sit and stare, in the box I stare, and in the box I sit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if you shut out all the bad memories in life, eventually you'll shut out the good ones too

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