I woke up at 7 and got ready for school

Stared hours in the mirror to make sure I looked cool

I grabbed my books and homework too

Drove my car the only path I knew

I checked in the mirror again before I locked the car

Walked briskly to my class, because it was far

Held my head down the whole way to avoid the stares

Strolled into the room, and went for the isolated chairs

Sighed with relief as I made it without having to speak

Passed all the social groups, yearning to peek

But I walked on… and went to lunch alone

I lit up a joint, and smoked 'til I was blown

Looked at my watch, it was time to go again

I reluctantly returned to school until its end

Daydreamed in class what other people thought of me

If they even knew I existed… I wish there was somewhere else I could be

I kept to myself as I avoided being sociable

Pushed through the crowds as if I were invisible

Spent my night watching TV while hoping for a call

Even though I knew it would never happen, at all

I went to bed early and fought the same loneliness again

Missing my old life when I once had a friend

Turned over my pillow because it was damp

Finally fell asleep without turning off my lamp

I woke up at 7 and I got ready for school

And stared hours in the mirror to make sure I looked cool.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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J Graham's picture

i know exactly how you feel. reading that almost made me want to cry...it captured every feeling i had during high school.

Rebecca Moore's picture

I liked that one...I can relate to most of it too...I don't like that feeling...

johnlvs2run's picture

Hi Naomi, I like your poem, "loneliness" very much. And you are certainly lovely, this poem can't be about you(?). : ) You express yourself very well and I am looking forward to read more of your poems. John