Meet with Him

My God is compassionate

My God is jealous

To Him alone

I am zealous

My God is forgiving

He greatly loves me

More than I know


My God is all-powerful


His mercy and grace

Are endlessly repeatable

My God is faithful

He never leaves my side

For eternity in Heaven

With Him I'll abide

My God is my Father

I, His precious child

My love for Him is extreme

It could never turn mild

My God is my Savior

He filled my emptiness

Replenished my soul

From its loneliness

I need to tell the world

Of all that He's done

He washed away my sins

By the death of His son

Jesus died for me

So that I might live

Forever I am bound to Him

Full service I will give

One day I will meet Him

He'll be waiting at the gate

His arms will be open,

A smile beaming on His face

He'll wait for you too

He craves for your love

Invite Him in your heart today

And meet with Him above.


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Author's Notes/Comments: 

God's waiting at the gates of Heaven for you... come take His hand and He will never let you go. You'll never feel that emptiness again...

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nice work .