The Wager


A friendly wager between the two
A shake of hands and it was through 
God and the Devil struck a deal
How many souls could they steal
subjects of a sinister bet
Humans as the main event
Our fate a twisted competition 
boredom replaced by a bad decision 
Who would win the most souls
And bragging rights and gold medals 
A different kind of entertainment 
To keep them busy for a minute 
This madness trumps all rational
Where right and wrong they can not tell
Like waking up from a demented dream
A nightmare played on a movie screen
Would God betray us and sell us out
Just for lack of something else to do
Maybe Such madness is not so far fetched
To put a price tag on all our heads
But this is just a silly thought 
A harmless notion That I dwell on
Out of boredom and lack of sleep
But what a scary thought indeed
A deal with the devil and god agrees?

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allets's picture

A Metaphysical Battle

Dreamed up with as much imagination as you present. It may have been a vision. A new mythology to add to the collection of endless tomes. And the archangels were in the background shooting dice. :) slc



Noeyrocks's picture

Much appreciated

thank you for the kind and beautiful comments my dear