-Alone I walk in this crowded place,

yet empty it feels as fake smiles plague my face.-

-None of you are real, you only pretend,

deceitful lies as you say your my friend.-

-Swarming me with empty emotions,

Im on to your petty notions.-

-Never again will I allow my guard to falter,

praying for your demise within a silent altar.-

-I hear the whispers creep around my presence,

backstabbers hiding their true essence.-

-I see the lies in everyones gaze,

trying to confuse me in this endless maze.-

-Well I have found my exit to it all,

a loaded gun to bring your downfall.-

-When your blood begins to spill,

will the lies continue still?-

-Once the truthful pain takes hold,

your hearts will trully become cold.-

-The whispers will turn to screams,

as many slip into endless dreams.-

-Your begging me to forgive your deeds,

but your blood is needed to fill my needs.-

-The halls fall silent as the last shot rings,

my eyes only see worthless beings.-

-Sleep well for my pain has eased,

curing your lies, as you were all diseased.-

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greeny's picture

hi nick, tnx for the comment, really appreciate.

i also love this piece, reminds me how my struggles wid friends, happy that i've got true friends with for almost a decade till now.. hope we can be friend here.. tc and Godbless, keep writing.. :)