Thank You

You held my hand as I wept,
Tears running down my cheeks,
You heard the sorrow in my voice,
My legs go limp and weak.

I told you my family tales,
And as I spill my feelings out,
You can't help but , but cry with me,
Yet, you barely no what its about.

I cry on your shoulder,
But you still have no clue,
You feel the weight on your shoulder as a boulder,
You always calm me, although you don't even have to.

You are a friend to me,
You are there for me,
Now I'll return the favor,
And be all a friend can be.

To all those people who guide me through my days,
To those who taught me the right ways,
I think that this is due,
Thank you, Thank you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please comment . It will literally mean the world to me <3

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. I think it's a beautiful


I think it's a beautiful tribute to those that have loved you. And I'm sure that you love me in return. very sweet right.

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