Election Bingo 2013

 Election Bingo 2013


The election is coming roundabout

It’s time for us to sort it out

With lies and snipes and promised gold

The game is on for young and old


With three old parties from the past

They all deserve to run dead last

It is our lives with which they play

It’s way past time we had our say


Our paradise you give away

To foreign interests day by day

We dig it up and ship it off

The mining rich at us you scoff


To share the wealth it is a crime

Our men have died to give you time

You pay no tax, you keep it all

Your house of greed in time will fall


And the “Retail Giants” don’t help out

They’ve bashed the farmers all about

Crushed small business all to dust

They need a future, that’s a must


The greedy banks we have today,

Are running wild and boy we pay

We’ve bailed them out, we’ve kept them rich

They won’t help us when life’s a bitch


We’ve paid to keep the car mob’s growing

Building cars that won’t keep going

No hybrids here, just petrol tanks

It’s all because they’re run by yanks


The CSG crowd came to town

Clean and green all up and down

They’ll take the cash then do the bolt

They’ve done it before, now who’s at fault?


In the shadows lurk the “Nuclear Rats”

Trading in lies while living on the fat

Uranium should be left in the ground

It’s our children’s future we can’t let them down


And let’s not leave the media out

On all issues they’ve too much clout

They twist and beat the facts around

Until we can’t tell up from down


Their views are skewed by self interest

They always show their horse as best

The common goods not their concern

It’s all for them, the rest can burn


We’ve let the pollies bow to all these

They’ve brought our families to their knees

It’s time for us to nail them down

Before they shoot thru out of town


Now Tony Abbott says he knows

He’ll show us how to, just say “no”

It seems that where he wants to be

Is back in 1963


He says that when he gets the votes

He’ll show us how to stop the boats

They’re human lives he’s talking about

But does he care, I have some doubt


He’ll cut from health, he’ll cut from schools

There are no complaints from old sick fools

He wants to change back all they’ve done

We’ve paid for it once, the waste has begun


Turnbull, Hockey, wait in the wings

They both dream of bigger things

Julie Bishop’s “Death Ray Stare”

You know what’s coming, best take care


Bob Katter has a lot to say

But only if you’re straight, not gay

Gay marriage rights are settled here

They’re human rights, it’s crystal clear


Barnaby Joyce wears a different hat

He still thinks that the world is flat

He wants it like the way it was

No future for the kids of Oz



Clive Palmer’s jumped into the ring

And is going to fix up everything

He’ll put Australia up on blocks

Then cut it up and sell it off


A ship from history he wants to build

Foreign workers used cause we’re not skilled

Why not plant the seed in our own soil

Reward our country for your dreams toil


He throws eggs from the far cheap seats

And tells us all the ones he’ll beat

Pride always cometh before the fall

Success or regret, it’s too close to call


An “Angry” man has joined the fray

His former life he’s gave away

A trip in a boat has changed his mind

A solution for this he wants to find


He used to be a wild young rocker

His ride in Canberra could be a shocker

He can’t run rough over the people down there

He’s a much better chance of growing long hair


Julia says she has a plan

She’ll move us forward, every man

But the party can’t decide who’ll lead

While they all fight, we all bleed



Ruddy started out alright

Insulation, school buildings, solar light

But people are afraid to change

In 20 years who will we blame?


Warm houses powered by the sun

Our hi speed cable will be fun

Our country now should lead the way

We’ve got it all, and we can pay



Christine, Adam, Sarah Young

The Greens are aiming for the sun

But to change it all within a day

You have to learn the way to play


You have to teach, you have to show

Don’t go too fast, just go slow

The big three have maligned you all

Australia now should hear your call


And wise and old Nick Xenophon

It’s just a shame he’s only one

He stands up and he stands up tall

He’s the only one with balls


He talks with calm, he talks with sense

He just won’t sit up on the fence

He tackles tough, he plays the ball

He fights for one, he fights for all


The barrel rolls and the numbers drop

The decisions made we have to cop

Democracy is not an ego game

Our apathy now is our future shame


It’s time to speak up, have your say

Black or white, straight or gay

Our future now is in on the brink

Don’t let it all wash down the sink



So there’s your choices, have a pick

Some are good, some are thick

But just remember when you vote

One day we might be on the boat.



This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Neville John Gourley, 2 Sarah Court, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, and dated 02-05-2013.

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a.griffiths57's picture

  A topical poem and so



A topical poem and so many problems to resolve. Personaly I don't think those in the commercial sector have much idea of how things should operate; all we ever here is about the chosen few percent and their wealth must be protected. As we have no way of life to protect and can do without.  I think they have it all the wrong way round. Good luck with your vote on solving all these issues. The rhyming in this poem I enjoyed very much and the humour.