egg poem




So many types of eggs, in the pan , in the pot.

Sizzlin, boilin, scrambled too, can feed one or feed two.


So many differant ways to make this delicaious meal. 

Salt and pepper , a little butter. Milk and scrambled,

something so simple, cant be beat, its a hell of a meal,

hell its a morning treat.

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Egg Answered

Oh, cholesteroal gods who love eggs

to harden the arteries of your

supplicant over fifty years alive.

Bring your deserts justly,

whipped with milk & cheeses

for more cholesterol.


Oh, protein gods who adore

three egg omlettes and

the ego of yokes necessary

for cakes and cookies. Bring

your just right recipes

and provide egg nog on demand.

We don't want to live long,





Loved you poem - inspiring for a 68 y.o. :D