"Its a Small World"
Ken Sense of Understanding
Arms Fully Extended 
Rotation Rather Unpleasant
But Most People More Prevalent to These Small Swirls 
"Another Day, Another Dollar"
How You Expected Me To Know Ambition 
Hell, I Barely Know My Father
Every Now & Then He Might Even Pop Up
Every Time; Expecting Me to Call Him Papa 
My First Life Lesson;
Was Thinking its Ok to Give Up When Shit Start Getting Harder
So Many People Use Your Name in Vain
Had to Regain My Faith in You
Had Been Lead a Stray 
I've Only Witness Lust Before
Hope its Just a Phase 
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That's what I'm talkin' about, taking the seemingly ordinary and turning it into some extraordinary means to examine the world - excellent writing most enjoyable. I rock! ~slc~