Little Dry Hands, Soft Moist Lips, and the day lies ahead

Hands are small

Dry to the touch but warm to behold

They warm mine as our fingers intertwine

Our eyes meet and the dark restaruant noise drowns out

World goes still

Words come from her lips, latin scented effortlessly catching me in conversation

All the while look into her eyes

I see sadness lurking beneath the smiles as she lets her guard down

I see grace to carry on with that sadness in the deepness of a woman's heart it goes deep

She walks with grace

The earth is not worthy of the touch of her feet

Yet she humbles herself smiling at things most of us forget in our childhood to appreciate

I rather be with her here than anywhere

This collection of moments

The heart starting to sink

She get up to leave I walk with her

Trying to be slow trying to buy some time

She drives away I stand in the dark parking lot

The Noise is coming back, the lights of the room are back on

I should leave now ;)

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